Allergy-Friendly School Lunches and Snacks … A Blog Party

Calling all food allergy mamas! The countdown is on … school will begin in 10 days!!! 

Now that the time is almost here I’m starting to feel a little frazzled about my youngest son – my food allergy kid – starting kindergarten.

At the beginning of the summer I always set goals. This summer my two goals were to 1.) Spend quality time with my children and relax a bit and 2.) Put together an attack plan for school lunches/snacks that are allergy friendly. Needless to say, I had no problem accomplishing my first goal, but I totally procrastinated on the second one.

So here I am now, one week before school, and I am reminded of the Bible verse …

Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor. — Ecclesiastes 4:9

I know there are loads of articles online about allergy-friendly snacks and lunches, but quite often it can be overwhelming. Truth be told, I don’t want to cut my child’s food into pretty little shapes and make more work for myself. I don’t have time to try out new things. I just need to know what works.

That’s why I sent an email this afternoon to 6 of my local friends who are very experienced with food allergies/sensitivities. I asked for their help because I think they are rock star mamas and I value their opinion. I have also learned that it doesn’t matter how good you are at your craft, you can always learn from others. And, if you take away just one thing from this, then it was worth your time.

Cheers ladies! Let’s have us a blog party!!! :)


Rules to participate:

  1. Go through your pantry and fridge and make a list of your kids favorite allergy-friendly food. Please include brand names.
  2. Brainstorm! Jot down your go-to lunches and snacks. (Even if they are simple!)
  3. Recipes – Have you got a recipe or 2 that you think others can’t live without? Please let us know! I have a pumpkin muffin and chocolate cupcake recipe that my crew can’t live without.
  4. Last, click the comment button on this blog post and share with your virtual besties. Also, it would be great if you answered these questions: a.) What is your first name? (b.) How old are your children? (c.) What are their allergies/intolerances?

Feel free to comment multiple times or to do this a little bit at a time. You’re also welcome to invite friends to the party.

This party is so awesome that it lasts for a full 7 days!! So grab your favorite drink, put on some comfy clothes, and let’s get busy!

Deadline for Comments: Monday, August 4, 2014

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